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who we are

We’re a Gourmet food company based in the united kingdom, specialising in creating a set of unique products using only the finest ingredients. We aim to create amazing caramel popcorn, blends and products to be enjoyed by every member of the family.

All our Gourmet Collections are handmade by our caramel connoisseurs at Joey koala Headquarters. using our secret recipe, we Carefully blend fresh & natural ingredients to create our products.

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What we offer

Since 2016 we've been hard at work developing and perfecting our unique Gourmet products. After 3 years, we succeeded in creating our fabulous Gourmet Collections, packaged and ready for everyone to enjoy.

We started with our Gourmet Popcorn Collection, air-popped mushroom corn coated with the finest caramel.

along with our popcorn, we’ve developed a collection of handmade caramel sauces.

We’ve also introduced a truly unique collection of natural handmade Syrups, which can be used with all drinks and coffees.




From the founder

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